22 Aug 2015

Hot Singles

Over the past 10 years and most recently the past 4 years, there have been a plethora of new independent jazz artist explode on the music scene. However, the latest group of outstanding new talent came to fruition about the same time terrestrial jazz radio stations took a plunge.  That

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08 Aug 2015

Putting Jazz Radio On Ice

After an icy-cool vanishing act that Harry Houdini himself couldn’t out do, Mojito Jazz Radio Show Host and Producer “iceman” LT emerges back on the jazz scene with even more cool in the swag bag than ever before.  You may even say he has taken it up a notch from

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12 Jul 2015

JBL S700’s-Dare To Listen

“Iceman” LT is proud to welcome  JBl to the Mojito Jazz Radio family of sponsors.   “With 3 live jazz streams and a variety of special feature show segments each day, I spend countless hours under the headphones.   Between music submissions from artist, commercial editing, play list reviews and live

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Photo Credit: AP
10 May 2015

Goo-Goo For GaGa!

I don’t care what color Lady Gaga’s hair is, or how high her platform shoes are, or what kind of mask she is wearing. The bottom line is, Lady Gaga is artistic genius and she can flat out Sing! Not only can she sing, the girl can Freaking Sang!! Then

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