Diva Freda Payne

What you are listening to here is 60 years of Broadway, R&B, Soul, television jingles and jazz
in a package that’s first class. In a precursor to Freda Payne’s million seller hit
“Band of Gold”, Freda sang and performed as a successful jazz artist. gracing stages with the
likes of Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington, Mr. B and others.

For the generations of men and woman that never got to hear Freda perform jazz during those
pre R&B/Soul years, I am thrilled. Many would have missed out on one of the truly remarkable
1st Ladies of Jazz. At 71 years YOUNG, Freda is taking the jazz youngsters to school with
this sensational new Cd “Come Back To Me Love”. Scatting, riffing, bending notes, then
descending to soft vibrato whispers before returning to playful inflections, twisting other
notes before climbing the scales and leaving your arms riddled with goosebumps! Holy Moly.
“Freda The Diva Payne” is killing it!

Not only does Freda exude the vocal maturity and voice control of a grand master, the
arrangements on this Cd by Grammy© Award Winner Bill Cunlliffe are masterful. The strings
sweep you away as though you were never there, the horns echo and reverberate your soul,
and all the while Freda Payne vocals teach you things about the sound of music that you never
even knew existed!

On one number you are standing in front of a Big Band swingin out of your mind, then the next
track drops you in the front row of a Broadway play before you are drawn back to the candle
lit atmosphere of an intimate jazz club where it’s soft sweeping brushes across the snare,
walking bass and Freda’s voice.

Freda is scattin, the bass is walking, the orchestration is swingin and she got the whole
joint jumpin! Wow! Freda breaks out on track #7 with “save your love for me” reminiscent
of the Nancy Wilson Cannonball Adderly tag team hit. And I love me some Nancy Wilson so
don’t even try it unless you are in the same class as that jazz diva but of course
“Diva Freda” handles her business on that track.

Dang, I was already high as a kite and then Freda had to do it! She just had to take me to
the “ISLAND”, track#9………..Ooooooooo, baby where is that island? I am on my way!
Flippin Sensational!!! End of this review, I can’t even get to the next song. Hitting
replay for time number 9! This reuniting of Freda Payne with Artistry Music is nothing
but another pure recording band of GOLD.

Bill Cunliffe, really lets the band stretch it’s legs and swing on track 14. You have no
choice but to go down and get a drink of that “muddy water” bluesy number !

Young female jazz singers, take a listen to this music magic and understand what an
Incredible, Female 1st Lady of Jazz sounds like. At age 71 school is out! This hot
Cd from “Diva Freda Payne”, “Come Back To Me Love” is a smash sensation.

No Grammy Nod for this? Get me on that panel.
“iceman” LT