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Support for Mojito Jazz Radio comes from listeners like you.  While Mojito Jazz Radio is not a non profit organization, we have chosen a strategic partner with a special  program platform to assist us in  realizing some of our initial goals in philanthropic work.  It’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to our non profit affiliate partners at Prime Motivation.
Prime Motivation is a fully licensed non profit organization contributing to continued education for kids through a one of a kind high school program.  Prime Motivation launched its cutting edge youth program starting in the LA unified school district then moved the program into Orange and San Diego County schools.  Since 2004 Prime Motivation has made  hundreds of visits to schools in those areas.  Prime has demonstrated a stellar track record in fiduciary responsibility for implementing and exercising their unique youth program for continued education. Participants of the Prime Motivation program have included financial institutions, celebrities, educators, apparel retailers, electronics companies, music industry professionals and some of the nations biggest automotive manufacturers.
It has always been a goal of Mojito Jazz Radio to contribute to musical arts and education by putting music instruments back in the hands of our youth.  With your generous donations along with the assistance of our partners at Prime Motivation we can now implement our music instrument project. Many school districts across the nation have seen a huge reduction and even elimination of music programs.
Most studies conclude the benefits of youth music programs facilitates higher learning, improving grades, technical skills and higher scores in math and science.  Many national cover artist we have interviewed on our show are directly involved in youth music programs and unanimously testify to those measurable results.Secondly, as professional broadcasters we fill an obligation to continue to inspire and share the history of one of the greatest art forms ever created, American Jazz.  Jazz is the very foundation for most of our nations other music forms.
We are counting on our viewers and listens like you to contribute to the cause by donating today.  Not only are you helping us to deliver sensational music programing but  a % of your donation goes directly
toward internships for youth broadcasters, programming, music related programs and the purchase of music instruments that go directly in the hands of the children, accredited institutions and schools.  Youth of all ages  who would like to pursue a musical path in education will receive access to music instruments and other necessary tools for their growth in music arts.
To make a donation to the Mojito Jazz music instrument program through Prime Motivation, click on the link below.  Thank you for supporting our great station.  In addition to contributing to development of future jazz greats.
ABOUT PRIME:Prime Motivation is an organization devoted to expanding and elevating multiculturalism. Established in 2004, Prime Motivation employs innovative and interactive platforms to promote positive messages about diversity and culture. Prime Motivation is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.The organization’s mission includes:

  • Educating the public concerning traditional history, culture, ethics and art and how they relate to today’s modern society through hosting performing arts shows and art exhibits.
  • Promoting multiculturalism in the community and furthering friendly dialogue among Asian Pacific Islanders and all interested in culture, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, or national origin.
  • Offer motivating arts education programs for youth

To engage our audience, Prime Motivation creates:

  • Multicultural events and festivals
  • Educational High School Tours
  • “Inspire Our Youth” Art of Dance
  • Scholarships

For more information, donations and a full image gallery of Prime Motivation at work, just follow the link below to: