Iceman Invades The Far East

China, Taiwan, Japan, S Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and other parts of the Far East and Pacific Rim, meet “Bing-ren” aka Iceman LT, a west coast cool jazz dj, show host, writer and producer who is about to unleash “musical detente” on the far east world of jazz. The “iceman” continues on the creative edge of live internet jazz streams with a hot new station that takes jazz to a whole new level, transcending international time lines, languages and musical boundaries with the universal language we call jazz.

The inspiration for AJR, Asian Jazz Radio was simple, Iceman LT host and producer of Mojito Jazz simply asked a question. “Why is it that jazz lovers in a country like Japan for example know every major Brazilian & American jazz artist from Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to Winton Marsalis, Dave Koz and Dianna Krall? Yet, can American jazz lovers recall the names of 10 Japanese jazz artist? How about 5? Ok we’ll make it easy for you, how about 3 name Japanese artist”?

Oh, you can’t? Well, as the radio station slogan goes “Welcome to AJR, Asian Jazz Radio, paradise on the pacific rim. Your musical destination, for a jazzy nation”

Asian Jazz Radio is the first western station of it’s kind streaming music from the best Asian jazz artist. For just about every style and genre of jazz, there are countless artist in Asia and the Pacific Rim that are equal to or better than mant great American artist past or present. The problem is, you never hear the music because no mainstream American stations play the artist. Not only do many eastern jazz listeners and musicians love the music, they reverence jazz and the many American icons who created it. We at Mojito Jazz and Asian Jazz Radio, think it’s time for the west to put the shoe of praise on the other foot and pay respects to those in the far east who celebrate, appreciate and master this great American art form we call jazz.

For the first time your ears will be treated to a steady dose of the best jazz artist from China, Japan, Taiwan, S Korea, Maylasia, Singapore, Jakarta, Philippines and other parts of the Far East and Pacific Rim. With the advent of the internet the world has truly become universal, so we at AJR feel it’s time to add some more balance to the world of jazz. If you love great music, we feel pretty strongly that you will revel in your new found Asian artist who have been around for decades yet, have barely been heard in the west.

Make no mistake about it though, this is indeed a 2 way international jazz street. There are also many American artist that are unknown in the Far East, so the stream goes both ways. Western and Euro listeners will be treated to music of the east while eastern listeners will discover an entirely new list of musicians and tunes that have never graced their ears.

Jazz lovers, get ready for one of the best musical experiences ever as Mojito Jazz, and Iceman LT (aka) Bing-ren bring you the hot new Asian Jazz Radio. Tune in, Turn it up and lock that dial to AJR, Asian Jazz Radio.

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