JBL S700’s-Dare To Listen

“Iceman” LT is proud to welcome  JBl to the Mojito Jazz Radio family of sponsors.   “With 3 live jazz streams and a variety of special feature show segments each day, I spend countless hours under the headphones.   Between music submissions from artist, commercial editing, play list reviews and live streaming  that time spent  can be 15 hours or more.  The JBL Snychros S700 professional line of headphones meet all of my needs as an industry professional and get high marks for Styling, Durability,Comfort and Superior Sound.

First off is the build quality, wow, made of leather, metal and cast aluminum these headphones are solid as a rock, no cheap plastic elements here.  If you use your headphones a lot, believe me, that matters!   You will be happy to know that they won’t fall apart in 2 weeks like other so called professional  Dj head  sets.

Second is the styling and comfort of the Synchros s700.  The large earcups are built to accommodate the powerful 50mm drivers and totally surround your ears with a very snug fit, almost totally blocking out exterior noise with cushion  comfort.  I have heard some mention  not being able to ware the set for extended periods due to the pressure.  However the fit will relax with regular use and become quite comfy indeed, yet not lax into a sloppy fit  like many plastic build fashion type headphones.   The very clever rotating hinge design causes the earcups on the  S700’s to lay flat when around the neck or  for easy storage in the soft lined carry case.  Innovative!!

Third is  sound quality,  let me put it in real life terminology.  Listening to music with some of the other so called top of the line Dj/Professional head phones is like listening to music in a cereal box compared to the Synchros S700.  If you are a big fan of bass heavy music styles like hip hop /RB this unit is all about that bass and deliver the thump.  Since I listen mostly to jazz I found even more satisfaction.  Jazz is much more complicated music, layered with textures from real instruments and not so much artificial sound.  Strings, horns, percussion and vocals are richly textured  and totally captivating to the ear in these headphones.

A friend  stopped by the studio recently and happened to be listening to a pair of phones that have garnered a huge name in the market place so we did an immediate side by side comparison. We listened to the other head set then put on the JBL Synchros.  We just looked at each other and laughed saying, almost in unison, why in the world would anyone listen to music with these other headphones when they can get the JBL S700’s.  Then  my friend looked at me and said……”for 349.00, these are well worth the price”, we both nodded  an unequivocal thumbs up for the JBL Synchros S700’s.

The JBL Synchros blew those other high end plastic in fashion headphones out of the water and that was even before we hit the power button to activate the  JBL “Livestage” feature which took the music to a whole different level., thinning out the bass and delivering the stage sound of a live performance.  However the effect will vary depending on the type of music you are listening to.  All I can say, is “the sound doesn’t lie”.  All of you listeners to Mojito Jazz know , “iceman” LT is serious about the music.   We play some of the best music you will ever hear in your life, so I figure you should listen to it on some of the best head phones in the market place.  JBL understands the music and JBL knows sound!    DARE TO LISTEN!

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