The mid to late 80’s and early 90’s  minimalistic approach to music blending jazz and classical soon morphed into the fastest growing radio station format across the nation  a subdued style of funk that seemed to flow like “Liquid-Prell”.   Artistic, grooving, smooth melodic and cool, “Smooth Jazz” was born.  Many of the popular 80’s groups later dubbed smooth jazz artist previously highlighted what many called New Age.  Kenny G, Yellow Jackets, Rippingtons, Hiroshima, Pat Metheny and others.  The new pronounced smooth jazz style morphed once more with soulful, enchanting and melodic vocals of artist like Sade, Anita Baker and  Kenia.  The romantic vocals of male and female artist alike infused the music once again into now smooth/rb.  Tune in for more with “iceman” LT on the Mojito Jazz MusicMinute, “the birth of smooth”.