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The hottest streaming jazz station continues to light up the air waves with a stylish presentation of traditional and contemporary jazz. Mojito Jazz presents a variety of jazz features highlighting every style and genre of this musical art form.  I would like to take a special moment to recognize and celebrate the music of Kevyn Lettau.  If anyone ever ask what was the inspiration for Mojito Jazz, you got it straight from the “Iceman’s” lips.  Jazz artist Kevyn Lettau was my MUSE!  At the time, I couldn’t understand for the life of me why an artist discovered by the great Sergio Mendes, whom she performed with for 8 or 9 years then mentored along the way by the incomparable Al Jarreau would fall out of air play.  This is a stellar contemporary jazz vocalist that only makes great music with many of the best of the best musicians. Luis Conte, Russel Ferrante, Alex Acuna, Peter Sprague, Dori Caymmi are just a few that come to mind

Yes Kevyn has had many smooth jazz chart toppers stateside along with huge followings in places like the Philippines and Japan.  I discovered however that like many artist, soon as they stepped out of the smooth jazz sub genre, air play vanished along side.  Many artist like Kevyn, though they have produced many smooth/contemporary style hits desire to explore all of the options available to them as an artist to create.  Over the years and even today there are few mainstream terrestrial stations that provide enough program diversity that supports more jazz variety.  So inspired by Kevyn and similar artist who refused to have their creativity funneled into only 1 style of jazz, I bring to you, Mojito Jazz Radio.

The only station that brings you, smooth jazz, nu jazz, Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz, big band jazz, pop jazz vocals, American standards, lounge, acid jazz, jazz funk, jazz fusion, west coast cool jazz, smooth r&b, a twist of blues and a splash of soul.

The other factor in the inception of Mojito Jazz Radio is you the listeners!  I felt that too many music lovers around the country and the world were missing out on absolutely fantastic music and artist they were just not going to hear on many local stations. It is my desire to provide you the listeners with some of the best jazz music you have every heard in your life. I even dare to say, Every song is fantastic and you probably will not change the station once you discover the sound of Mojito Jazz Radio.

I have witnessed first hand, listeners that tuned in to Mojito Jazz who were once Smooth Jazz Only listeners, then after spending time on our stream, learning and enjoying the total diversity of styles are now completely hooked on the stream.  In addition, their total taste in jazz has changed dramatically to now include, bebop, straight ahead jazz, west coast cool, classical jazz, American standards and more. Artist like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Tom Jobim, Gilberto, Keely Smith, Lady Day, Sinatra, Sassy, Marylin Mae, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, Art Blakey, Stan Getz, Charlie Parker now occupy room in their mp3 files.

At Mojito Jazz Radio its simple, it’s all about the music, the listeners and the artist who create the magic. Our goal is to do for jazz radio what Dizzy & Bird did for jazz.  To become a line of demarcation in the history of radio……..Radio before Mojito Jazz and how stations feature and play music after the advent of Mojito Jazz.  Time & history can write the results so in the meantime, just enjoy some of the best jazz your ears could possibly hear.



Enjoy the station!

Thank You Kevyn Lettau

“iceman” LT