Sinatra at Sunset

Mojito Jazz continues to set the “Standards” with this swinging show featuring the music of Frank Sinatra and those who over the years have had the honor of playing along side Frank or pay homage to Frank with their music. Tune in to Mojito Jazz and we’ll do it his way on “sinatra at sunset” with the “iceman” LT.

Thank you Bing Crosby, thank you Harry James and thank you Tommy Dorsey! Without any of these fine gentlemen and successful artist we may not have Sinatra. At a young age Sinatra got the singing bug thanks to the sound of Bing Crosby and was later brought into the music limelight with Tommy Dorsey’s band after a stint with Harry James.

When Frank ventured on his own a few years later, his voiced rocketed to the top of the charts with more than 15 singles hitting the #1 spot. Great success soon followed though Frank saw his popularity slip a bit during the immediate post war year, then skyrocketing back to the top where he never looked back.

We are truly fortunate to have a great body of music and film work by this icon of entertainment so its with great joy and enthusiasm that we invite you to swing.

Tuesdays, Thursday & Sunday 6pm to 8 pacific on Mojito Jazz