“Transitions” To A Jazz Superstar

Flat out one of the best new contemporary jazz cd’s I have heard in the past 2 years!!

Darryl Alexander Sr. is a superstar musician and composer ready to be unleashed on the contemporary jazz loving public!
As more and more so called Indie artist move from the background to the front of the stage with their own solo
careers, music lover are finding out that “Indie Artist” does not mean novice or beginner. In fact millions of
people have already heard the work of Darryl Alexander via NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Abc’s Good Morning America,
Fox Business, Life Time, E Entertainment, along with a slue of other nationwide Tv and international commercials,
like Continental Jet Blue, Frontier airlines and more.

You buy this Cd, put it on and let it play! Jackpot, that’s what its all about, high quality compositions, high
quality players and high quality mixing and mastering the product. No cookie cutter production where each song
sounds just like the previous one here! If mainstream gets a hold of ‘Transitions’, this cd is going straight to
the top of the contemporary jazz charts.

You heard it right here, right now from the “iceman” LT. This is a #1 chart topping Cd! You buy it, you put it on
and you let it play! Period! End of Story!

This is one beautiful fusion of many jazz elements blending soulfulness, funk, r&b, Latin and Brazilian samba.
You guys will love the nuances of lyrical playfulness between instruments and vocals on a variety of pieces
especially “no turning back”. That tenor sax will sweep you away. The other thing I really love about this piece
is that up beat steady tempo high hat work………those tiny little rhythmic taps with the occasional open hat
sets the tempo for the rest of the instrumentation…….Its a beautiful signature of Darryl Alexander through out
the cd, just listen for it. Darryl Alexander is “walking the dog baby”. You can’t stop this groove!

There is for everyone on these tracks, great acoustic guitar, driving bass lines, playful and seductive tenor sax
work. This cd is not just a variety of stuff so an artist can say lets just throw everything at um and see what
sticks! This is well thought out, cohesive music of the highest caliber and its verbalized to perfection by each

Chances are that if you have listened to Saturday Night Live (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC), The Weather Channel,
E Entertainment, Lifetime, Fox Business, Maury Povich, or flown on Continental, Airtran, Frontier, or Jetblue that
you have heard music by jazz artist/producer/composer Darryl Alexander Sr.

Keep it locked on mojito jazz radio to hear smoking hot tracks from Darryl Alexander.
Order this one from Darryl’s website at

“iceman” LT