Genius Genius Genius Genius!

Photo credit: Muga Miyahara


Breaking News! Special Bulletin!

The Most Historic Music Concert The World Has Ever Seen! Playing Today!

George Gershwin, Mozart, Bach, Monk, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Fats Waller, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.
If that were the line up the whole world would turn out to see and hear some of the greatest music artist in
the history of the world, the history of classical music, the history of jazz. Every TV station, every jazz
radio station, every music and movie celebrity, film makers, broadcasters, play write, composers, musicians
and just plain music lovers would fill the venue along with the streets outside.

Living among us today is a music artist that embodies the skills of all those artist put together.
Meet Hiromi Uehara!! A Modern Musical Genius! One of The Greatest Piano Players The World Has Ever Seen!
Blending jazz and classical and fusion, weaving in and out of the stride techniques of Monk and Waller,
implementing boogie-woogie techniques, swinging into bebop, rising from from her seat at the piano like a
phoenix, arms stretched to reach inside the piano to play the strings as if they were a second instrument,
injecting the composition with Weather Report/Herbie Hancock/Chick Corea fusion before floating effortlessly
back to her seat. She lures you in with piano notes touched by the fingers of Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart as she
resumes a position of perfect posture at the keys.

Folks, I am sorry but watching Hiromi play is complete insanity. It’s hard to get your mind around what this
young lady is doing on the piano. She is redefining the words prodigy and virtuoso. Honestly there are no
word to describe the musical experience you will be treated to when she sits down at the keys.
I am at a lost and I earn a living broadcasting, talking and writing.

However I will do my best for humanity sake in order to tell more people around the world about this musical
gift from God. I once heard a Master musician say something like, “Hiromi Uehara is the greatest piano player
to ever sit down in front of the keys”. I couldn’t agree more!

Reading back to the first paragraph, you all know that if the historic masters of music mentioned above were
really here to perform all at once, the entire world would go to see and listen. Don’t live in the past and
miss out on music history being witnessed and written right before you very eyes! We have a duty and
responsibility to give glory to the God Almighty that has endowed a human being like Hiromi Uehara with an
unquestionable gift no one can deny! Don’t brush over it like it’s nothing, then later kick yourselves
because you wished you could have seen her perform. You can’t go and see Mozart or Bach, you can’t see Monk,
Bill Evans, Gershwin or Oscar Peterson but you can listen to and see the performances of Hiromi Uehara.

Speed, power, endurance, flawless technique, execution and style unequaled in all the world of jazz. At times
the only thing the camera records are the motion blurs from her fingers. I’ve listened to interviews with
piano masters who’s careers span decades, that sit there in complete awe before helplessly confessing to
Hiromi……”I can’t do that”…”What are you doing”? “How do you do that”?

Hiromi Uehara…..A modern day musical Genius, Genius, Genius, Genius!
“iceman” LT