Back 2 Jass

Iceman LT and Mojito Jazz Radio pays homage not only to the Masters of Jazz but to all of the tenants that surround this magnificent fabric of American history and culture we call Jazz.  Enjoy this new show feature  that covers the music, the masters and the history of jazz in America and around the world.

As far as we are concerned, you must start jazz school with the ABC’s of the art.  No not the typical alphabet you learn in kindergarten but the  ABC’s of jazz which consist of almost all single syllable  names like Monk, Dizzy, Trane, Miles, Duke, Chet, Bird, Jobim, Louie, Ella, Frank, Chick, Sassy, Billie, Mingus, Evans, Astrud and more!

Names so profound, so impact-full on generations of people, music, culture and continents, that they don’t even need last names added to them.  I know who they are, you know who they are, we, know who they are.  The masters of jazz that will forever be written about , talked about, played, and revered  by students, teachers and those who just love the music.  To those of us who love jazz, the music and the history, that list of names is like the Holy Grail of jazz that one must search for, find and become one with on your path to musical enlightenment.   Then and only then can begin to relate to the power of the names, the music and its total impact on the world.

In the course of streaming music over the past 3 years we were astonished at how many people around the world in countries like France, Italy, Japan not only knew American Jazz artist and the music, they revered the icons of jazz and the music.  One day we asked the serious question,  “why is it we have to go to a country like Japan for example to hear a young 24 year old girl in high heels, dangle earrings and fish net arm sleeves play Charlie Parker on her sax like she grew up with Charlie. Yet stateside most people that age have no idea who Bird is and the rest think music comes from a mixer, computer or beat machine!   It was at that point the we decided its time to take America  “Back 2 Jass”

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