Welcome to Cigar Chat Radio Show with host LT.   “Men and Women around the world, cross social and economic boundaries, backgrounds and cultures, to share a common ground that we call, “The Art of Cigars”.  Lighting up a premium hand rolled cigar is not a random impulsive act meant to satisfy an urge!  Toasting a cigar is rather, a well thought out opportunity to share a few moments of the good life with friends, business associates or the perfect stranger”.  Host LT will share the  knowledge, expertise and etiquette that will transform you into a true Aficionado.   So light up your premium cigar and drink a toast along with the good life listeners here @ Cigar Chat Radio Show.

“The Art of Cigars” Center’s around what we call “The last great gentleman’s hobby”.  This is a behind the scenes look at the cigar culture & hobby with people from around the world.   Thousands of people participate in all aspects of producing premium cigars including, growing tobacco, harvesting, curing, cultivation, rolling cigars, cigar family history, cigar art, storing cigars and brand legacy.  The before mentioned  points of interest, help make up integral parts of the industry that have been around for decades.

The art of cigars host a plethora of topics including cigar pairings, lighting cigars, storing cigars, torcedors, cigar accessories, boutique cigars, humidors, shade wrapper, cigar events, celebrity cigar lovers and more.  We also touch on the future of tobacco including your cigar rights with regular updates from Cigar Rights of America.  Could politics ruin the industry? Premium cigars are not cigarettes!

Did you know cigars are one of the greatest handicraft industries in the world?  More than 500 pairs of hands touch each premium hand rolled cigar from seedling to the shelf.  It takes an average of 4 years for premium hand rolled cigars to make it to the retail shelf.  Hundreds of thousands of men and women get their livelihood from the premium cigar industry.  Latin American countries such as Honduras, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico and Costa Rica, all help to shape industry culture, history and future.

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive  and entertaining cigar talk radio show’s anywhere in the world presenting the elegance, sophistication and nuances of being a cigar aficionado.

Special Guest offer expert commentary on these and other related cigar industry topics on Cigar Chat Radio Show.