14 Sep 2016

‘Grooveology’ Voice Of Rhythm

At some point all artist discover “their voice” but when is the artist really saying something? When that voice no longer sounds much like the artist that spawned their inspiration?  When the world at large says..you are saying something? When your musical peers give you the nod? Or alas when

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12 Sep 2016

Iceman LT Joins The FreeForm Wizard

San Diego’s jazz station Mojitojazzradio.com & Iceman LT welcome our affiliate station RIFF, Radio Indie Free Form.  Iceman LT will host 2 live weekly jazz streams for RIFF adding to the program diversity that includes native, electronica, world beat, global music, pop rock, soul and several other formats. RIFF is

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09 Sep 2016

Temecula Wine & Music Festival

Temecula Wine and Music Festival Enjoy talented musicians performing everything from jazz to pop and R&B. “With world class artists, award-winning wineries and the beautiful venue at Galway Downs Village. This year’s artists include Pop Superstar David Vocalist David Pack , R&B legend Eveylyn Champagne King, Guitarist Freddie Fox, Pianist Brian Simpson

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18 Dec 2015

Take Me To The Promise Land

You can hear the blues any time and any where, but you will never really understand the blues until you experience the roots which gave it birth. The musical antiphony (call and response) of work songs, field hollers hummed in meditation. Spirituals that sang about the depths of despair, freedom

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17 Dec 2015

“The Rille-Deal”

Innovators, masters of their style, looking back in history that’s how we sometimes classify the masters.  Cyrille Aimee takes jazz and makes it her own, inculcating the influence of legendary Django Reinhardt, the diversity of her cultural heritage, her travels from Paris to the Dominican to New York then across

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15 Dec 2015

Diva Freda Payne

What you are listening to here is 60 years of Broadway, R&B, Soul, television jingles and jazz in a package that’s first class. In a precursor to Freda Payne’s million seller hit “Band of Gold”, Freda sang and performed as a successful jazz artist. gracing stages with the likes of

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14 Dec 2015

“Transitions” To A Jazz Superstar

Flat out one of the best new contemporary jazz cd’s I have heard in the past 2 years!! Darryl Alexander Sr. is a superstar musician and composer ready to be unleashed on the contemporary jazz loving public! As more and more so called Indie artist move from the background to

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10 Nov 2015

Genius Genius Genius Genius!

Photo credit: Muga Miyahara   Breaking News! Special Bulletin! The Most Historic Music Concert The World Has Ever Seen! Playing Today! George Gershwin, Mozart, Bach, Monk, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Fats Waller, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. If that were the line up the whole world would turn out to

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10 Nov 2015

The mid to late 80’s and early 90’s  minimalistic approach to music blending jazz and classical soon morphed into the fastest growing radio station format across the nation  a subdued style of funk that seemed to flow like “Liquid-Prell”.   Artistic, grooving, smooth melodic and cool, “Smooth Jazz” was born.  Many

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06 Nov 2015

Carly Rose Sonenclar, 13yr old X-factor contestant singing  Nina Simone “feeling good”, Bianca Ryan 11yrs old singing Jennifer Holiday “and i am telling you”, 13 yr old Gadi LeHavi playing “round midnight” and his jazz trio playing at the Blue Note in New York.  South African Guitarist Mark Williams was

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