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09 Mar 2017


Coming up on the next segment of Cigar Chat Radio Show “the perfect match”, host LT pays a visit to one of San Diego’s premier distilleries.   It’s hard to deny, Cigars & Rum is one of the quintessential pairing for premium hand rolled cigars.  Join host LT as we

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08 Mar 2017

FlatBed Cigar Company

  Flatbed Cigar Company has grown up in a area of the country renowned for not only cigar family legacy and tobacco farming tradition but cigar history itself.  The tobacco industry in Pennsylvania set ablaze a name that defines one of the most famous terms in the annals of cigar

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08 Mar 2017

Mursuli Cigars

Oscar Mursuli celebrates cigar tradition as his 3rd generation family legacy grows on the west coast. From Cuba to Los Angeles California the Mursuli family has set the stage for west coast Cuban tradition, following a trail from the renowned Cuban Vuelta Abajo to the western United States.  Widely knows

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14 Sep 2016

‘Grooveology’ Voice Of Rhythm

At some point all artist discover “their voice” but when is the artist really saying something? When that voice no longer sounds much like the artist that spawned their inspiration?  When the world at large are saying something? When your musical peers give you the nod? Or alas when

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