Innovators, masters of their style, looking back in history that’s how we sometimes classify the masters.  Cyrille Aimee takes jazz and makes it her own, inculcating the influence of legendary Django Reinhardt, the diversity of her cultural heritage, her travels from Paris to the Dominican to New York then across Europe.  The net result, brilliant new jazz innovation, a sound that is so organic, vocal phrasing so tasty you can savor every note.  This young jazz artist is the “Cyrille-Deal”

What a beautiful stage presence with her bouncy curls, Paris complexion and magnetic smile, all just a prelude to sumptuous vocals, scatty riffs and impeccable rhythmic timing. You are definitely witnessing one of the new Ladies of Jazz, fresh, vibrant and talent beyond measure.  She won just about every vocal competition there was along the way to her now solo career and needless to say, the judges picked the right horse.

Cyrille Aimee live at Birdland, Cyrille Aimee & Friends live at smalls, Cyrille Aimee & The Surreal Band, Smile -Cyrille Aimee & Diego Figueiredo, “Just The Two of Us” Cyrille Aimee & Diego Figueiredo, take your pick all fantastic self produced cd’s.   Wow!

To steal a social media texting phrase………..OMG, hahahaha when Cyrille starts to sing “softly as in the morning” you will get the confirmation that is is one serious jazz singer as she give jazz standards a new infusion of 21st century life.  Her repertoire of style is all over her music, from the gypsy jazz heritage to the Brazilian influences of 2 Cd’s with guitarist Diego Figueiredo.

This girl is Super-Bad!


p.s. “Just get all of her CD’s…….Yes!!


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