‘Grooveology’ Voice Of Rhythm

At some point all artist discover “their voice” but when is the artist really saying something?
When that voice no longer sounds much like the artist that spawned their inspiration?  When the
world at large are saying something? When your musical peers give you the nod? Or
alas when “THE” jazz mag who’s editorial writers in the stroke of a pen in issue #10 says..”you are
the one to watch! So now you have arrived?

That stuff sounds all wonderful and hunky-dory but if you are the artist in question, you probably
are not holding your breath waiting on words from either accolade source.  There is however a time
when “YOU JUST KNOW”, the lyrics, the arrangements, the compositions flow like water and everything
is right!

Like a musical Monet, almost everything you put your brush to is a potential masterpiece. You are
not waiting on the critics and there is no turning back.  In time music history itself will carve out
it’s foier transfer of your works and just like a hologram, all sides of your musical prowess will
be illuminated by the light that created it in the first place.

Mikael, is talking loud ….and saying something! Can you hear me now!  Music lovers take a listen
and hear the voice of ‘Grooveology’ the latest cd from rhythm guitar magician, MIKAEL. Like a music
machine, this CD is firing on all cylinders delivering something for everyone. ‘Grooveology’ is
infused with a lifetime of rhythm elements and musical innuendos that tickle your ears and elevate
you into the free-space between notes, before shaking you up with Latin grooves, then strumming you
into modal music harmonies.

Music connoisseurs take note, straight ahead, smooth, Afro-Cuban, bossa, funk and soul all take a
seat at this table of musical delights.  This is no Hodge-podge of me too tracks tossed out hap-
hazardly to see what sticks, this is a well thought out senior project by one of the echelon indie
artist in the country. ‘Grooveology’ is a musical oasis for discerning ears, open minds and music
lovers not walled in by the boundaries of a single music or jazz genre.  Mikael’s voice was not
only influenced by hometown Detroit funk masters but also by the sounds of intellectual jazz masters
include Wes Montgomery, Grant Green and Norman Brown.

If you know the history, understand the art form and do a little home work, you will understand even
more of the musical roots behind ‘Grooveology’ and the artist who produced it.  There in lies his
“voice”. Somewhat reserved about his past, Mikael was called on by the legendary Commodores to write
songs and go on tour without even auditioning for the group.

Not only did Mikael’s guitar sound help weave the tapestry of the Commodores, his on stage family of
funkateers over the years, included greats like, keyboard master-Junie Morrison, drummer Floyd
‘Raw Dog’ Bailey, Steve Arrington, Otis Stokes, Marvin Craig, Stevie Shockley and Sugarfoot from
groups like Slave, LakeSide and Ohio Players.  Joining Mikael on this break out Senior project
‘Grooveology’ is: Jamie Ousley (upright bass) Rob Diggy (keys) Donald Wright(electric bass),
Clifford Mitchell(keys) Cal Harris Jr(keys) and amazing sax work from John Michalak.

When someone asked me what was my favorite song on the Cd, I just looked at them like a deer in
headlights. I said, “can I have 2”? They said “ok pick 2”.  I said, “can I have 4”? They said “4,
you can’t just pick 2?  I said look, this CD defies boundaries…if i want to hop in the jag and
cruise coast highway, I’m going to pick.. “By The Way”.  If I’m feeling like something with a
little Wes Montgomery/Lionel Hampton/Grant Green flavor then, I’m going to pick “Jazznotes”

This CD has something for everyone, pick up a copy and decide for yourself.  One thing I will say is
buy it, put it on and let it play. When you have a music psyche steeped in funkateers, jazz cats and
smooth operators, producing a CD like ‘Grooveology’ is no fluke.  After a few decades of hard work,
perseverance and love of the game, Mikael’s voice is now being heard.

‘Grooveology’, now available at, and

“Can You Hear Me Now”!!

iceman LT