Hot Singles

Over the past 10 years and most recently the past 4 years, there have been a plethora of new independent jazz artist explode on the music scene. However, the latest group of outstanding new talent came to fruition about the same time terrestrial jazz radio stations took a plunge.  That left an entire decade of new music and artist virtually unheard by most in the general public.  Even though the shift from mainstream terrestrial stations to live streaming and internet stations has been hot and heavy, there is still quite a bit of catching up to do for the general listening public.

Here in the Hot Singles page, we offer suggestions to you our listeners for some of the best music from premier jazz artist around the country and the world.  We believe any number of these songs and artist are on par with if not better than any of the previous or current group of artist in the same category.  Trends suggest a quiet but certain mainstream jazz  renaissance is  under way and most certainly the rise to the top of this new generation of artist carrying the great American art form we call Jazz into the future.

Please enjoy our suggestions for some of the best new music and artist in the world, that chances are, you have never heard.  If you want to be up to date on the best new music and artist in the scene today, keep it right here on the new place for jazz in San Diego & the world…Mojito Jazz Radio.

“iceman” LT