Iceman LT Joins The FreeForm Wizard

San Diego’s jazz station & Iceman LT welcome our affiliate station RIFF, Radio Indie Free Form.  Iceman LT will host 2 live weekly jazz streams for RIFF adding to the program diversity that includes native, electronica, world beat, global music, pop rock, soul and several other formats.

RIFF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improving the lives of thousands around the world with relief efforts in education, healthcare, agriculture, economic development, training and nutrition.

Besides his infectious personality and skills as a master turntable-list, Lucio Urbano aka the “FreeForm Wizard” has 24+ years as an FM broadcaster and programmer.   The Wizard has collaborated with Iceman LT & Mojito Jazz Radio since the advent of our station 5 yrs ago, so we are happy to work with RIFF in furthering the development of indie music artists around the world.

The Wizard’s counter part at  RIFF is CEO/Dawn Martinez aka Dj Sassy Del Sol.  Not only is she sassy, she is also an accomplished, nationally published writer.  Dawn is lovely, vivacious and loves to mix up her own plethora  of music including Spanish guitar, bossa and alternative rock.  You should keep your boots handy just in case she decides to throw in a cup of country western.  Dawn also coordinates the non -profit humanitarian efforts of RIFF and is completely committed to it’s growth and continued success.

Robin DesJardins aka-Dj KROB brings you various styles of rock and blues, while producer/vocalist/ and performer Vitto Gerlini keeps the pedal to the metal on radio station promotions.  The RIFF family recently welcomed world-music turtablist Marga Sol. Wow, the people are going to love it, we have been playing music from Margo on Mojito Jazz Radio since we launched the station.  Marga is not only a great turntablist but an amazing vocalist and composer……let the fun begin Marga!

You guys be sure and visit the web site at for more information and programming schedule.