Each week on Mojito Jazz, host LT features a very popular show called Indie-Wednesdie, highlighting some of the best new indie

artist in the country and around the world. Every genre is represented, smooth jazz, standards, pop jazz vocals, straight

ahead etc. For discerning music lovers that anticipate the hidden jewels, the stars and masters of tomorrow and not just the

commercialized repetition of already known talents, this is the place to be for insights and updates. In addition to the

Indie-Wednesdie show on Mojito Jazz check out the links on this site for Mojito Jazz affiliate stations all of whom work

closely with Mojito Jazz Radio to feature the best rising independent music stars.

We contend that many any of the artist listed in this “Independent Jazz Stars” category if given the opportunity to be heard on

major stages, spotlight, radio and TV would all have to 10 singles and Cd’s. Though the term Indie-Artist is relatively new

linguistic terminology, one thing it does not imply is that Indie artist are a second rate group of musicians, vocalist or

bands with no experience, musical education or quality music worth buying.

Though there are indeed, new artist with a nice single or 2 that are still coming into their own and finding their own sound,

for this show feature, we primarily focus on artist that we feel should without a doubt already be in the mainstream spotlight.

In fact many Independent music artist are just as good as any past or current mainstream artist, if not better. In today’s

modern world of internet streams, electronic downloads, social networking and marketing tools available, many of the artist

have just formed their own or joined Independent Labels that would not be considered a “MAJOR LABEL”.

Please enjoy the music gems you will find here, musicians from around the country and the world. These are great artist

producing great music worthy of a place in your music libraries and will indeed, (if they keep on their current paths) be the

stars and masters of tomorrow.

“It’s All Indie, All Day” with “Iceman” LT on Mojito Jazz Radio

“iceman” LT

Wednesday 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm-Pacific