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Mursuli Cigars

Oscar Mursuli celebrates cigar tradition as his 3rd generation family legacy grows on the west coast. From Cuba to Los Angeles California the Mursuli family has set the stage for west coast Cuban tradition, following a trail from the renowned Cuban Vuelta Abajo to the western United States.  Widely knows on the west coast as the “Cigar Roller To The Stars”  Mursuli Cigars has served up premium hand rolled cigars to some of Hollywood’s biggest names in movies, music and sports.  Shaquille O’neal, Wayne Gretzky, Oscar Dela Hoya and Jennifer Lopez are just a few entertainment giants to light up a mursuli cigar.  From their location in Temple City, CA, Mursuli rolls more than 40 different sizes and shapes of premium smokes.   In this cigar review, cigar chat radio show takes a look at the beautiful Mursuli Barber Pole.